Why a Tourist Blog

We open this blog with a great desire to talk and tell about our small and beautiful city, to tell about how people live here, how tourists, travelers can experience it at their best, offer them the discovery, a look at the city that only those who live it every day can know.

In these pages we would like to immortalize, participate and describe the transformations that Parma is experiencing.

We would also like to be able to give a voice to users, readers, especially tourists and travellers who are looking for information or who want to contribute their experiences and help future visitors to this city, and to discover places that are no longer there and those that are emerging, such as the new railway station or the headquarters of EFSA.

Finally here we would like to talk about and point out also and above all about the “Secret Park” and hidden, those corners that do not appear on tourist guides, because small places, those villages with columns that are Parma where you can breathe its History and Tradition.

Take you among the characteristic clubs, theatres, neighborhoods and events that will be organized in the city from the Oltretorrente to the new Parma and its province.