Rocca di Sala Baganza

The Rocca di Sala Baganza , which belonged to the Sanvitale family for over 300 years, lies on the first hills of the Apennines, near the Baganza stream. In ancient times, the fortress played a major role in the defensive system of the castles of Parma: in the 13th century the fortress was already equipped with a defensive element – the legendary tower of San Lorenzo – indispensable in a period of bloody feudal struggles. Later, as happened to many other medieval castles, the building was converted into a noble residence and began to be enriched with important paintings by Orazio Samacchini, Bernardino Campi and Cesare Baglione.

In the cellars and in the former glacier, the Wine Museum has been set up, an exhibition and sensory itinerary dedicated to Parma wine, its history and culture. It is also interesting that, although the Rocca is open to the public only at certain times, the beautiful adjacent historical garden is always open and can be visited free of charge during the following times: from April to September from 9.00 to 21.00, from October to March from 9.00 to 18.00.


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